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You have probably had your fair share of List making programs and websites. You may have even used sticky notes widgets on your desktop or some of the countless nice looking To-Do list programs that can beautify your desktop. You may think lists are a thing of the past. That is what I thought until about 1 hour ago, before delicious brought me to this diamond in the rough (or is it ruff?).

Welcome to gubb, my new homepage and possibly the highest quality web service available. The ease of use is stunning, and in one minute you could very well be starting your own lists among the many categories, such as 2007 Resolutions, music, books, and anything you wish.

The website is extremely easy to use and pleasing to the eyes. Not to mention when you polish up your lists how extremely you can customize the page to your own liking. I now feel more organized and much more prioritized then my previous self.

Why lists, hasn’t that been done. Not like this, you must go and see. You just have more control with gubb. Also the ability to have your lists on the Internet has the advantage that all web services. You have access to the list wherever you can access the Internet. Mobile devices (the way of the future?) are linking up to these lists very easily I have heard. I however am not a mobile Internet user, but with a laptop I am never far from the Internet.

Now for the links. Those following delicious have seen numerous links to Lifehacker and 43 Folders, both are huge proponents of making yourself more productive. I forget who coined gtb meaning Getting Things Done, probably the guy at the GTD Headquarters who wrote the book. A delicious search of those 3 letters produces over 32,000 results. Anyways it is a big thing right now, and gubb is a just the resource a person needs inorder to… nothing else comes to mind but gtd.

As expected, the web2.0 in gubb is in full force. Lets run down the basics:

  1. Phenomenal Web Design – simple on the eyes, and customizable to your likes
  2. 100% Valid XHTML – this is a must if a website wants my trust
  3. Oh yah and the Ability To Share and Promote Social Interaction and Community – the real web2.0

Take a chance, you won’t regret it!

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