In my Internet experiences there have been few people that I have met on the Internet and continue to communicate with regularly. Of that select group one stands out. He goes by the alias of !phil. I had to look up a word to describe him and eventually found it:

fulgurant – amazingly impressive brilliance or skill

That would be the word to describe !phil. He seems to be good at whatever he does and that is something I admire. He is a fellow Web Developer and programmer, dare I say a hacker, with a strong personality and vast knowledge.

In my pursuit to build my first web pages he would break them and show me how to fix them. Any question I could throw his way he could answer and educate. His experience with programming, linux, and general curiosity have allowed him to accumulate a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of computers and technology. He was willing to help me despite his own schedule and surely busy life.

!phil has a gift with humor. He can make simple things funny, as evident from the articles on his website, quakephil. One of my daily reads that have made it to my blogroll.

However I did not meet !phil though forums, but rather through games. I played (and occasionally revisit) the ever famous Quakeworld (QW). It is in that arena that the name BogoJoker was born and also where I met !phil. He is a world famous QW player and supporter. He continues to support and represent the QW community in tournaments, websites, and development.

In the words of an old 06′ chat:

me: I should quote that in my blog
      maybe i will ;P.
      i’ll put u under “family” category. hehe

phil: if you want to confuse all 3 of your readers :)

So true… So true… ;)

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Mike on March 22, 2007 at 9:24 am  #

You didn’t confuse me. And I think that ups the readers of your blog to 4.


phil on March 23, 2007 at 10:08 pm  #


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