Bialik College Enterprise Agreement

“Much of the rate increase stops for our employees` pay increases, which are governed by a multi-company agreement,” said Stephen Jankelowitz, Moriah`s Honorary Treasurer. PARENTS, who are preparing to send their children to Jewish schools this year, will be forced to dig deep, with fees in Melbourne`s Jewish day schools among the highest in the state. “We remain aware of the great sacrifices that parents make to give their children the benefit of a scopus education,” the leaders wrote. The three schools cited all charge more than Sydney Moriah College`s most expensive Jewish school, which is asking for $26,360 for last year. While the Sydney JCA is pumping $3.4 million into NSW`s Jewish schools in Melbourne, there is a missing equivalent of donations for its schools – only one factor explaining inequality. As far as primary schools are concerned, Sholem Aleichem College is the best boom for parents` wallets and offers the lowest fees for classes 5 and 6 with $9,990. In the NSW, Moriah Sydney is the most expensive Jewish school, with a 2.5 per cent increase in fees over the previous year. Mount Scopus Memorial College`s tuition fee of $30,990 for 12 years – excluding the optional $2456 transportation tax – avoids the state`s most expensive annual fee of $34,020 for daily pensions at Geelong Grammar. The North Shore Jewish Community School, Masada College, recorded an average rate increase of four per cent, from 22.623 $US in 2013 to $23,736 in 2013.

Leonard Hain, the executive director of the Australian Council of Jewish Schools, agreed that raising Jewish school taxes is a persistent problem. “Despite the difficult economic conditions, we have continued to focus on the fact that our fees remain the lowest of all Jewish day schools in Sydney,” MSC Secretary Laura Wren told The AJN. In an interview with the AJN this week, the report`s author, Professor Andrew Markus, said Jewish school taxes represent a “great challenge” for the Jewish community, adding that an aging population – a demographic population that in many cases subsidizes grandchildren`s school fees – could place an additional burden on parents. Leibler Yavneh College and Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah Colleges are both at the end of the scale, with $26,140 and $22,000 respectively for year 12. The differences can also be explained by the different levels of funding of the different governments of the federal states. It should also be noted that all costs, except for transportation – are included in the Scopus fee, while most other schools impose additional mandatory levies that go beyond fees.

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