Hartpury Livery Agreement

All stables must be cleared during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Students are informed of all other appointments that need to be released and these are also included in the painting agreement. We currently have 140 student painting stables in Hartpury – these stables are built in eight different barns. All the stables are located in the Equine Centre, with Hartpury rental horses. All barns have a common storage room and dining room. All common dining rooms are equipped with metal fodder bins and all storage rooms have a saddle rack and a hook per barn. Each barn is also assigned to a student barn mentor, who is able to advise new students, and ensure that yards standards are maintained. For more information on Hartpury painting, please read our guide. Students must provide their own mucking tools, wheelbarrows, buckets, haynets and related items. Limited participation rate available depending on weather and field conditions, please note that the turnout is generally closed between November and March. Students have access to all Equine Centre institutions if they do not take place at scheduled meetings.

including the solarium, two hikers, the pulmonary arena, four indoor schools and two outdoor schools, as well as appointment access and preferential price to facilities located within the Equid Theatre Centre (including the high-speed treadmill and weighing deck) and the Rider Performance Centre (including two mechanical horses and weight lifts). While experienced employees are available for orientation, students are responsible for the daily care of their horse and must respect the rules of the court at all times. Printing is done on an annual basis and, for the duration of the study year, by direct debit in eight tranches or over a lifetime. The tax includes hay/hay as needed and lots of bed linen. Horses are dewormed on arrival, then egg counts are performed, all additional worms are charged.

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