Sample Boat Charter Agreement

Non-cession: The charterer will not cede this contract or sublet the yacht without the owner`s written consent. 5.10 The charterer limits the number of persons within its party to a number not exceeding the number of berths on the vessel, unless it depends on the part of the charterer that does not exceed the number of seats on board the vessel authorized by the competent authority, after prior agreement with the owner. Termination: If the owner is informed by the charterer of the termination of this agreement on the day or at some point before the start of the charter period, or if the charterer fails after prior notification, the owner is entitled to treat this agreement as refused by the charterer and to reserve the full amount of all payments to the owner before the refusal. However, if the owner is able to rebook the yacht to another charterer for the same period and on conditions that are no less favourable to the owner than to that contract, the owner reimburses the charterer the amount of those payments already paid to the owner, reduced by an amount corresponding to the expenses related to the charterer`s rental and such a rental. Failure or disability: If the yacht after delivery at any time by machine failure, grounding, collision or other reasons to prevent the proper use of the yacht by the charterer for a continuous period of 24 hours or more, then (unless such loss of use is caused by an act, negligence or delay of the charterer , where the EIGNer is entitled to reimbursement of damages etc. by the charterer) the time lost of 24 hours if agreed, the charter period will be extended. After the 24-hour waste of time, if the charterer agrees, the owner replaces the yacht with at least one similar or better vessel. If the charterer decides to cancel the remainder of the charter period, the owner reimburses the rental fee in proportion to the time not used. 1.2 The down payment is made as a down payment to secure the vessel for the charter period and will be paid to the owner upon signing of this agreement. If the advance is paid by the charterer, the owner agrees not to enter into any other charter agreement for the vessel for the same period. The balance will be paid to the owner no later than the date shown here on that date.

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