Yorkshire Housing Tenancy Agreement

6) Rent – the rent must be paid in full and timely each month. It is your responsibility to take responsibility for it. Not following a rent is a violation of your rental agreement and will lead to serious measures that, in some cases, can cause you to lose your home. Our preferred method of payment is the debit, as it is convenient and safe. To set up a sample, please click here. Here you will find advice on how to manage your money and information on who to contact if you are having trouble paying your rent. You can also find a performance consultation here. Insured (not short-term) periodically: is used for existing social tenants who change homes in Yorkshire or who have successfully completed a start-up rental phase. Below, they are key words of our start-up lease (guaranteed short-term lease) and our guaranteed lease. These are the most common types of agreements that we use, although there are other types of agreements in some areas. Secure rental contracts: As a housing company, Yorkshire Housing cannot grant a secure rental, but we have some safe tenants who have been with Yorkshire Housing since 15 January 1989. If you have any further questions about your lease, please contact us. 4) Your responsibility – as a LYHA tenant, it is your responsibility to respect the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Your neighbourhood agent will send you a copy of your contract signed by email. Violation of one of the terms of this agreement is a serious offence and may lead to action against you. Please make sure you read and understand your rental agreement to make sure this doesn`t happen. Before moving to a new home, all our tenants must sign a lease. The rental agreement is a legal document that details what is expected of you and what you can expect from Yorkshire Housing. They start out as “starter tenants.” If you meet the responsibilities set out in your tenancy agreement, it will take 12 months and then you become an insured tenant. However, if you do not meet your obligations, the start-up lease may be renewed for a further six months, or we may even inform you that you are leaving the building. 7) Service charge – If you live in a property with common areas such as a common entrance hall or outdoor space; You are obliged to pay a service fee equivalent to your rent, covering the maintenance of these areas. This will be explained to you as part of your rental offer. You can find information about your service charges on MyLYHA (see below) or in our interesting and short fact sheet on how the current and affordable housing crisis in the UK has developed and what needs to be done to make housing affordable: tenants aged 16 or 17 can enter into a periodic rental agreement with Yorkshire Housing with Yorkshire Housing.

This rent is held in trust by a third party until the age of 18. If you do not meet the above responsibilities, you are violating your lease and we may even take legal action against you. 11) MyLYHA – MyLYHA is our guest lodge in the site area. You can create an account with your rental reference number (which you will find in your rental agreement, and you can also send them an email that we have concluded the documents for your lease) and your email address. Once you`ve made an account, you can check rental bills, pay your rent with a debit card, report repairs and update your contact information. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! What are you waiting for? Click here to set up your MyLYHA account! If you decide to leave your home in the South Yorkshire Housing Association and end your rent, it is important that we are informed in writing for at least four weeks.

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