Favorite Quotes (Alpha Release)

Much like my ~/bin page that keeps track of shell scripts I’ve written I took the time to make a small site to host my favorite quotes. Again, this lets me experiment with some things. This is an alpha version showing some progress. Its just 2 hours of PHP, a text file backend, some CSS, and a bunch of minute JS animation. But its a neat site that I hope can become useful to me:


Some semi-novel concepts are that when you scroll 75% down the page the next 10 quotes are automatically loaded and added to the DOM in the background. This way you can continuously scroll forever and load quotes without ever noticing! Well, unfortunately you can’t quite test that yet, because there are only 10 quotes, and 75% is not perfect, it should really have a fixed size from the bottom. Minor details!

Also, this project allowed my to test my new auto-project-setup shell script. It worked great. it got me up and running in a matter of seconds!

BogoJoker Initial – Blog Redesign

About a week ago I decided I wanted to do something new and exciting. After some thought I figured I would take a go at upgrading my blog’s design. All in all I invest three days into the theme, and the remainder of the week to add final touches. The result is this, my first WordPress theme, tentatively named BogoJoker Initial.

As is normally the case with my projects, this one pushed me to the edge! I sweat the details on every pixel, every color, the layout, the font, and more for the design. On the backend I wanted to make sure it was compatible with widgets, plugins, extensions, templates, yada yada yada. In the end it was looking pretty good on my test server, better then I had hoped!

Unfortunately when I moved it to the real world data that was on my blog my previous articles and markup were fighting me. It took another few hours to clean up old content, or at least get it into a workable state. There are likely to be some problems, but rest assured I’ll be working out the kinks and focusing on the future content.


Front Page:

The focus here is on the content. I wanted a minimal header and sidebar, a standout footer, and the majority of real estate devoted to the actual articles themselves. I’m also experimenting with a larger font-size to make it easier on the eyes of visitors.



Individual Articles & Comments

Nothing too special about an individual article, but here the responses, or the comments, are center stage. I spent a lot of time making the design on these minimal as well, but they certainly stand out just as much as the article does. Avatars, links, dates, and permalinks are all there as you would expect!



404 Page:

But, don’t leave yet, I’m glad you’re here! If you just arrived try checking out the home page for something that interests you. Who knows, maybe this was a good thing!

If it was one of my links brought you here I’d appreciate a heads up on my broken link. Please drop me an email so that I can resolve the problem. Thanks for the notice.


Zero Search Results:

It looks like your search on asdf came back with no results. But, clearly you have an interest in the subject, so I’ll make you a deal!

Drop me an email asking me to write about the topic and I’ll see what I can do! Be sure to let me known what you are interested in learning, or at least what you want to hear about it. I’m always looking for things to write about, and having someone already interested in a topic gives me more incentive. Thanks!


Archives & Portfolio

Just a little uniqueness. There are a few built in page templates. This is one for Archives, and there is another that I have to complete for a Portfolio. These look similar to regular articles, except there is a custom icon/image instead of the date.



Theme Screenshot

Finally I made sure to add a little jazz when someone is selecting the theme. Here is the screenshot image I decided on:




I’d like to know what you guys think. Both the good, and the bad. The more criticism the better, otherwise I’m not going to learn and improve. Cheers.