Giveaway of the Day

One website that I have been visiting daily for the past month is Giveaway of the Day. Not your average free software website, instead they offer programs that normally cost $15 to $35 dollars absolutely free! The only catch is that you have to download and install the program in the 24 hour timespan, and you will have the full registered version, not a trial! As far as I know these programs are for Windows only.

Great idea all around, and the software isn’t that bad! I have found a number of useful programs for web development and image editing. It is always a pleasure to see what they will offer next, and the rating that programs receive, either a thumbs up or down from all the users who have downloaded the software that day.

In case you are browsing their website you may happen upon their freeware library, which launched late in December. I try to know what great free software exists and their library is not that bad.

Head on over and check them out. For those heavy RSS feed readers grab their RSS for a quick way look at what they offer each day. Give some software a try you will be impressed at the quality of most of the applications.

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