Paetec Co-op

This last week has been intense. I was entertained by 3 finals during finals week at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). However, a few days after my last final I started my first full time co-op position as a software developer at Paetec.

Paetec has been in the news recently for going public and merging with another Telecommunications company, US LEC. A description of the recent excitement can be found here. I will admit that I am very excited to start a real programming job and am honored to be working at Paetec.

The employees have all been accepting and helpful. I have already started writing some real code and digging into the system. I look forward to the next few weeks, right now I am really soaking it all in and learning everything I can. I am already getting more and more comfortable at the company.

I welcome reader comments on their co-op experiences. Where/How were your first co-ops or full time jobs? What were some of the ups and downs or highlights of the position?

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