A Unique Unix Tutorial

Thats right. You’ve all read tutorials. They range all over the place: boring, brief, detailed, useless, inspiring, the list goes on. There are those that are too technical, that you don’t understand until you look back at them at a later date. In the case of Unix and Linux the majority of the tutorials are like that. They are just reworded man pages. Many people turn away from *nix because of this gap in technical familiarity. My Unix tutorial aims to change this.

I have read a number of tutorials and I find the best are the ones that include you, the reader, in them. You are participating in the tutorial. Often there is a story, or some creative aspect that brings you into the tutorial. You are learning in an entertaining way. For first timers this can make all the difference.

My tutorial also gives tips and tricks for using the terminal. They are the kind of tricks that make using the console much easier, but they are the tricks that you often don’t know unless someone shows you. I hope that my tutorial at least gives insight to newer Unix/Linux users as they take the leap into a new realm.

Please take a look and offer your feedback to help me improve the tutorial. I now present my Unix Tutorial.

I would like to point out that the tutorial happened to be a college project that I recently decided to turn into a reality. I have been and will be refurnishing the tutorial with improvements (sIFR), more rich content, while still maintaining my original goals and objectives.

Inspiration: A rather stimulating Ruby tutorial that wraps you inside a rather creative story, with “synergy and cartoon foxes.”

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Michael on April 15, 2007 at 11:09 pm  #

Cool, I might actually go through it. Also, just asking, what is a “reworded man [page],” if I may ask =(:cP)


Joseph Pecoraro on April 16, 2007 at 10:08 pm  #

@Michael: Take a look. A man page is the manual for common terminal/shell commands. They lack user friendliness, they are basically technical documents describing the commands. Not nearly useful to beginners, however they are excellent references once you have gained experience with the commands or with using them.


Joe on July 10, 2007 at 5:08 pm  #

I really don’t understand the common belief that man pages are not user friendly.

I’ve never come across a man page I couldn’t understand. Most come with line by line examples and links to other man pages that describe functionality from other applications.

They also cross reference related applications.
Have I just been using UNIX for too long or are they really easier to understand than most people think?


Joseph Pecoraro on July 10, 2007 at 11:21 pm  #

Joe I would have to agree with you there. I have always found them helpful, however I would have to admit to reading numerous techinical documents on my own to learn.

I think for the most part the average user would rather be presented with a brief explanation and a few examples on how to use a command. Sometimes the “command –help” syntax doesn’t always give enough information, but it is almost always my first course of action.

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