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I have been a proponent of the Get Clicky web statistics since they first came out. They have been constantly improving them since day one, and I have enjoyed every update. One improvement that I especially liked were two menus in the top right. One that lists each of your websites being monitored by GetClicky so you can quickly jump between them, and one to change the date of the stats you’re currently viewing (if you’re only looking at a single day).

Clicky Menus

These menus currently only activate when you click them. Well, the arrow is there and it so nicely indicates to me that it should be a dropdown. So I wrote up a script to copy to onclick event to the onmouseover. This may be outdated pretty soon but it is one of my first scripts and it gives me a little joy each time I use it.

You’re going to need Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension and of course Site Statistics (available free) at Get Clicky.

So without further ado:
Greasemonkey Script to turn Clicky Menus into Mouseovers

Some recent fun with JavaScript at work and a co-workers really neat Greasemonkey script for Revealing Experts Exchange comments propelled me to write this very simple script. Mine pales in comparison to CoderJoe’s EE script and his knowledge of JavaScript and the DOM are quite vast. I consider this a first step into some individual JavaScript coding.

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Joe on August 11, 2007 at 7:59 pm  #

Hey, nice script!

Making the simple things simpler is what Greasemonkey is all about! Well done. :)

I’m glad my simple little script could get you interested in Javascript. Though not my favorite language, Javascript (or should I say ECMAScript) has a bad wrap. It’s really too bad, seeing as how it’s a rather robust language.

Well, enjoy your new fun. Nice script!


Joe on August 12, 2007 at 1:31 am  #

Just a note:

I’ve updated the script.
Apparently EE does not rot13 HTML escape codes or s so that it still looks alright when obscured (people using their enter key makes the site look better).

My script now properly mangles itself to properly decrypt the tags. Making the resulting decrypted text easier to grok.


Mark on August 13, 2007 at 1:53 am  #

The feature sounds good, for me I am using as the web stats tool , is there anything similar available for GoStats, I dont want to part with GoStats the have been amazing and fulfilling my corporate needs.


Joseph Pecoraro on August 13, 2007 at 9:02 pm  #

@Mark – I’m looking at the GoStats demo page and if it is anything like a registered user’s page then I can try and make a user script for you. What would you like done to the interface?

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