Renderize Launched

As a personal project I started designing a website this April. Until then I had been using open source designs as the basis for all of my websites. Don’t get me wrong, I am fluent with XHTML/CSS/JS its just I lack the image editing skills and creative juices to design websites that are up to my caliber and liking.

That is up until this week, when I released –>Renderize<-. Some may remember that I designed the layout and style one weekend a few months ago and that I posted about it. Well I spent a number of weekends developing a custom backend so that I can manipulate nearly every portion of the site... your basic content management system. So Renderize is fully capable of being a "blog" and I have decided to commit myself to weekly postings on it. Oh, and I don't bother with supporting IE on a website that I am going to use almost exclusively. The site should work in IE7, but I know there will be problems in IE6. I should point out that Safari and Firefox render the site perfectly, and that makes me more then happy. However the posts contained at Renderize are not going to be web development content. Any suggestions of that will soon be removed from Renderize's content, as I have decided to keep my programming and developer posts on this blog because I have already built up a number of links and content at this blog, it would be a shame to duplicate or move the blog elsewhere. Not to mention the completeness of WordPress is pretty nice. Renderize will host my more personal blogging articles, for instance my weekly activities and personal events. Less likely to interest the techies that hopefully subscribe/visit this site. Renderize does give me a chance to practice implementing many website features, and thus giving me an opportunity to blog about them. For instance I developed the RSS generator for Renderize, and I may very well discuss that in one of my programming blogs here. I have a sandbox to play and experiment with and some pride in having actually sitting up straight and making something happen. Some final comments:

  • Developing on a Mac (in TextMate) is awesome
  • Building a framework for your own personal website is super cool
  • Turning a Concept into a Reality is way more impressive then just suggesting the Concept

So thanks for reading, check out the blog and leave a comment here if you like it!

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