rr – 1.0 – Now a Pipe Friendly Filter

rr has reached the 1.0 milestone! The obvious improvement over the last version is that input is allowed from standard input. It seemed silly to always require a filename and the option of having standard input was always on my to do list. Usage is now:

usage: rr [options] find replace [filename]
       rr [options] s/find/replace/ [filename]

Now you can use rr as a filter and happily make find replace changes by piping input into it or out of it! I already have a script that runs a file through 4 rr commands to produce much nicer and cleaner output. Wrap that up in a shell/ruby/perl script and you have a useful tool.

Enjoy. Again its all free!
rr – Current Version Download
rr – changelog.txt – Click Here

$ gem install regex_replace

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