rr – Updated to 0.9.1

rr now has some improvements, including a new style of usage. Both this new style and the original style usage are available to you.

rr [options] s/find/replace/ filename

The new s/find/replace/ syntax is still weak with respect to the forward slash character in either the find or replace, but works for everything else so far. Of course if you want to include any whitespace then you should wrap the entire argument in quotes. Also, because the strings are coming from the command line, if you want to have literal backslashes then use single quotes around your string so the shell doesn’t escape them itself before sending it to Ruby.

Another highlight is that all escape sequences should now work. That means your typical \n, \t, and all the obscure even including \a (system bell). Check out this example, you will hear two system bells once this has been run:

$ echo "aba" > in.1; rr a "\a" in.1; rm in.1

Also I was considering renaming to fr for “Find/Replace” however I am keeping rr. rr can be interpreted as “Run Regex” with the s/find/replace/ syntax, or “Regex Replace” for the normal 3 argument usage. If you like fr you can easily make an alias like so: Want to know how to always load the alias?

$ alias fr="rr"

So have fun, of course everything is free and available right here:
rr – Current Version Download
rr – changelog.txt – Click Here

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