Blog Upgraded to 2.5.1

Inspired by a co-worker I decided to revamp my blog. The outdated WordPress, which I had made a number of customizations too was my incentive not to change. But, I bit the bullet and decided it would be worth it, especially with all the new things happening.

I’ll start out by saying that you will probably be seeing a lot more Ruby, Git, and Mac related articles then Web Development. That isn’t a bad thing, its just a news flash. As far as life goes, I’m working at IBM for 6 months, with the possibility of a continuation and its quite fun.

I’ve accumulated a number of ideas of subjects that I want to blog about. So stay tuned for some articles on the following: github, balloons, Larry Wall on programming, ~/.irbrc, rubygems, some mac apps, most especially Flow and its humble developer, and whatever comes between then and now.

So thanks for sticking with me if you have been and welcome if you’re new. I’ll be working out the kinks in the design and start shedding content.

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