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tag cloud

That right there is the only tag cloud that I have ever found interesting. The cool part is that you can generate those tag clouds and with a lot more jazz at this really great service called Wordle.

How I Did It

For those interested on how I got all the tags for the above cloud (with weight) I decided to grab them myself. Here were the simple 4 steps I took.

How to Build the Tag List

The SQL grabs all of the tags used on blog posts (so not categories) at least once. It also grabs the number of times the tag appears on a post. Using a simple ruby script I take the tags (all single words) and multiply them by the number of times they appear. So a “ruby 3” turns into “ruby ruby ruby.” Once that multiplication has taken place I can just plop them into Wordle and make the magic happen!

More clouds here!

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