AtomPub Overview and Curl Reference

Not long ago I had to learn about the Atom Publishing Protocol for my job. I spent about a week learning on my own time all about XML, AtomPub, and even the basics of HTTP. After that week I decided to write down my own personal overview and example code to try and “visually” explain AtomPub as best I could. The result was (and is):

My Visual Guide to AtomPub

Now keep in mind that I wrote that only a few weeks after learning it. The process of writing that guide forced myself to study it in greater detail than normal, actually run tests, and produce realistic output and examples. I know its not perfect (I’d probably be slaughtered for my definition of REST) but over time I’ll be happy to improve and update it. I think the design really improves the content making it readable, fun, and useful to refer to.

I’m linking to it now because I’ve done a number of projects like this (my Unix Tutorial) because I like sites that are strictly focused on one thing and do that one thing very well. I’ll probably spend a little bit of time on remainder of my break from school by cleaning up these small “brain dump” websites. I wanted to make sure they were mentioned and linked to from my blog. Clearly they will be of no use to anyone if they are never linked to!

I decided to include a small `curl` reference on my AtomPub guide. This is because its a very nice tool when working with HTTP requests and an overall generally useful shell program. I think people might find the curl reference useful.

I hope you enjoy this. I’ll be linking to these occasionally as they grow.

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