Mac OS X What is my IP Address?!

I’ve asked this question a lot. What is my IP address? This can be for any number of reasons. There are a number of ways that this can be done, but I was looking for a way to do this on the command line. Well… it didn’t turn out to be as simple as I had hoped.


The primary tool is ifconfig. However, that spits out way more information then I wanted. So a little bit of reading, some regular expressions, and I created the following script. Note that en1 is my wireless port because I am always on my wireless:

ifconfig en1 | awk '$2~/[0-9]+./{print$2}'

Update: I found a better solution:

# Update: Even Better!
ipconfig getifaddr en1

Here is some usage and me checking that it actually makes sense:

ipaddr usage


I’m paranoid… so let me double check at “What!?” That didn’t make sense. Or did it? A few minutes later, after running a traceroute and following the hops I noticed that sure enough the Frontier Wireless provider in this public CafĂ© was using that IP address. So I wrote a quick curl script to pull whatismyip’s opinion and quite craftily they must have planned for this:

whatismyip suggestion

Cool. That makes my job even simpler. The response is simply my ip address string. Add an echo to provide a newline and I’ve got a useful script.

curl --silent

Hopefully these two scripts can help save someone a few minutes. ipaddr to see what my machine’s ip address is and ipaddr2 to see through what ip address my computer is reaching the outer world. Cheers.

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