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So its way to hard to download an mp3 in Safari. Right click the link and download? Pff, I want to ⌃S and be done with it. Well, this time I decided to avoid the problem all together. I use Skreemr to search for a particular song when it interests me.

In the past I wrote a little bash script, that makes use of curl, to download an mp3 to my desktop unique named so it wouldn’t have conflicts. This shell essentially wraps and drastically improves that to allow for searching, pagination, history, downloading, and opening mp3s off of Skreemr. It gives me just what I need. The functionality that I want without having to use torrents etc. I’m thinking of turning this into a gem.


This script requires the popular “escape.rb” script that gives some nice and safe shell escaping functions. You can download both from my GitHub scripts project.

Of course its available on my ~/bin and there will be another article later on that goes over a few aspects of this simple little script.


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Thomas Preymesser on March 15, 2009 at 11:16 am  #

unfortunately this script does not work with Ruby 1.9 …


Joseph Pecoraro on March 15, 2009 at 10:45 pm  #

@Thomas: Thanks for taking a look at this! Could I see your error message for Ruby 1.9? Make sure that you install the ‘hpricot’ ruby gem and download the ‘escape.rb’ file that simplifies safe shell script execution:

On my computer my Ruby 1.9 setup doesn’t get past the rubygem includes. However, this issue is not a Ruby 1.9 issue so much as a setup issue on my machine. I went in and removed the rubygems references (hpricot) and everything seemed to work fine. If you point out the issue you had I might be able to check it out!

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