International Social Security Agreement With Canada

Medicare) and Social Security benefits for retirement, disability, and survivors. It does not cover U.S. Medicare or security pension supplement benefits. For Canada, the agreement applies to the old-age insurance program and the Canada pension plan. The agreement with Québec applies to the Québec Pension Plan. If you are temporarily going abroad to volunteer full-time with a licensed aid organisation, you may be available for your New Zealand superannuation or veteran pension for up to 156 weeks. You need to connect to work and income before you leave. It also includes the following New Zealand benefits and pensions: in 1977, the Canadian government began to conclude international social security agreements and today it has concluded more than 50 such agreements. You can view the agreements under Search the Treaty List (Global Affairs Canada). Definition of certain periods of residence in relation to Canadian legislation Under these agreements, Australia equates periods of social security/residence in these countries with periods of Australian residence in order to respect the minimum periods of entitlement for Australian pensions. Typically, other countries count periods of work stay in Australia as social security periods to fulfill their minimum payment periods. As a general rule, each country pays a partial pension to a person who has lived in both countries.

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