Royalty Agreement In Spanish

The typical lead of a title that is not the best-selling is normally between 1500 and 8,000 $US, but the lead could certainly be lower or higher than this area. The height of the respective progress is usually determined by a number of factors, including: When a person creates a book, song, play or painting, the work is considered intellectual property. When an inventor obtains a patent on his invention, the inventor has intellectual property rights in the thing created. In general, authors, composers, composers, playwrights and inventors do not have the financial means to fully exploit the commercial use of their creations. They must apply to companies specializing in the commercialization of intellectual property. When a company obtains the right to commercialize the creation, the creator is usually compensated in the form of a royalty. For example, when an oil company wants to drill oil on a person`s land, the company negotiates a licensing agreement with the holder of the mineral rights. When the company receives oil, the owner of the mineral rights receives a royalty based on a percentage of drums pumped from the boreholes. The owner can receive the royalty in kind (the actual oil) or in value (the dollar amount agreed in the contract) on the basis of the total production of the land. n. a percentage of the gross or net profit or a fixed amount per sale to which the author of a work is entitled established by a contract concluded between the creator and the manufacturer, publisher, representative and/or distributor. For example, when Elvis Presley died, his estate went to his daughter Lisa Marie, who now collects royalties from the music company that sells her father`s recordings.

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